The English Words you need to know 
and The Method to learn them forever

BECOME FLUENT in record time 

  • Learn The Most Frequent English Words 
  • Do not waste time studying vocabulary you will almost never use
  • Want an advanced level? --> Learn the 5,000 most-used words
  • Want a proficiency level? --> Learn the 10,000 most-used words

Focus on learning the Most Frequent Words 

  • The 1,000 MOST-USED WORDS cover about 80% of most common texts
  • The 3,000 MOST-USED WORDS cover about 90% of most common texts
  • The 5,000 MOST-USED WORDS cover about 95% of most common texts
  • The 10,000 MOST-USED WORDS cover about 99% of most common texts
    (Knowing these 10,000 words is almost equivalent to having the vocabulary of a graduate Native English Speaker)

Use our DSQ Method, and memorize them forever

  • With our DSQ Method you can memorize the biggest amount of words in the shortest time possible 
  • The method applies the learning principle of "Spaced Repetition", but with longer intervals called "Quarantines"


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TEST YOURSELF and discover how many words you need to learn in each level (K1 to K10):

Vocabulary.ONE categorizes words/families of English words in different bands or frequency levels: K1, K2, K3, etc.  (Learn one "K" at a time)

  • Level K1 refers to the 1st 1,000 most frequent words
  • Level K2 refers to the 2nd 1,000 most frequent words 
  • etc.
Test your level for every K Start Studying the First Level