The “DSQ” Method = Distill, Study & Quarantine

The most efficient way to put new words into your Long Term Memory (LTM)

The wordlists to be learned are divided into pages. To learn the words that you don’t  know in each page, follow these steps:

DSQ Method

After the quarantine is completed, test yourself to see how many words you remember (have entered your LTM).

It is normal that after the first quarantine you will remember about 30% of the words that you studied.
(In successive distillations that percentage will be bigger). It will take around 3 distillations to learn all the words of a page.

How to apply the DSQ Method in Vocabulary.ONE

1) DISTILL & STUDY THE PAGE (you must be logged in)

  • Click on the words that you already know/remember (This will cross them out)
    (This action of filtering out the known words is called "DISTILLATION")
  • Study the remaining words (use the resource buttons: definitions, translations, examples, etc.)


  • After studying the words, press “Quarantine page for 14 days” (The status of the page will change to "Quarantined").
  • (You should forget about the page that you have recently studied, and not look at it again for a period of, at least, 14 days)


  • When the quarantine is complete, the status of the page will change to “Ready for Distillation” 
  • When a page is Ready for Distillation, it means that you can open the page again and TEST YOURSELF to see which of the words you studied previously have really entered your Long-Term Memory (LTM)).


  • Go to step #1 and repeat the process (continue crossing out the words that you have learned/remember after the quarantine) 
  • (Once you have learned ALL the words, press “Mark page as completed” - Congratulations!!!... - YOU HAVE LEARNED THE WORDS FOREVER!)

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The different status of a page

  • Unstarted: You have not done anything with the words yet.
  • Quarantined: You have studied the new words and put the page in quarantine.
  • Ready for Distillation: The quarantine was completed. The page is ready for a new distillation.
  • Completed: You have learned all the words and marked the page as “completed”

What to expect

  • After the first quarantine, you will normally remember around 30% of the words that you have studied. (In successive distillations that percentage will be bigger)
  • It will take about 3 quarantines/distillations to learn all the words of a page.

The Method applies principles based on the Ebbinghaus's "forgetting curve" & the Gold List Method

  • As an average, your long term memory will naturally assimilate about 30% of any new information you study for the first time, while around 70% of it will eventually be forgotten.
  • If you remember new words after a 14-day period, without having had any review of them in that period, it is a good indication that they have entered your Long Term Memory and you will remember them forever

    (You can have an explanation of the Gold List Method here)


  • Do not study for more than 25 minutes straight. (Take five-minute breaks between study sessions)
  • Don’t waste time studying words you already know. Focus on the vocabulary that you don’t know.